About Us

We start with what matters to you

Ready for living

We understand what life is like. And because we do,

we're there with a thoughtful idea that'll help you get

on with whatever you want to do.

What matters to you


Cooking food worth sharing without too much stress

Looking and feeling good, tackling creases on your own terms

Showing off your style, even on your kitchen counter

Spending less time on the dull stuff, and more time doing what you love with the people that count

Whatever's important to you, we get it. That's why Russell Hobbs is always ready to help you get on with doing your thing. 


We've been doing what we do best since 1952.


Bill Russell and Peter Hobbs started making thoughtful products inspired by real life. The first was their automatic coffee maker. Taking care of the coffee making for you (and keeping it warm too), the CP1 coffee maker made it easier for everyone to get their daily caffeine fix.


We created our first automatic kettle, the K1, which meant people could get on with living, instead of watching the pot boil.


Our thoughtful ideas proved so popular, production exceeded 1 million appliances.


We produced a landmark 5 million products. Our iconic British ingenuity and style was clearly a hit with people.


Ready for real life, Russell Hobbs became the leading kettle maker globally and the UK’s No.1 for coffee makers and toasters. We also introduced our first ever plastic kettle, unlocking a whole new world of style possibilities with it.


We went beyond automatic kettles and made the whole tea making process automatic with our Chelsea Tea Machine and its remarkable one-pot system.


Made for modern living, The Classic Toaster became our best-selling toaster.


To keep up with people’s busy lives, we created the British made Millennium kettle.


Our Montana Kettle (another people pleaser) became the best-selling kettle in the UK.


With our finger on the pulse of what styles mattered, we produced the award-winning Glass range.


Our K1’s 50th anniversary marked half a century of our first automatic kettle helping people get on with living.


Our best-selling Montana Kettle and Classic Toaster broke the 4 million sales mark. They were both as ready for real life in 2008 as they were back when we first launched them.


With modern lives getting busier, we created our first touch control kettle, Glass Touch, for easier boiling.


To make the ironing quicker and easier, we launched our Easyfill Iron, with a distinctive back-filling base for water.


We knew style mattered, so we made our first ever matching breakfast and food prep range, the Allure Collection, as well as a touch control breakfast range in steel with stylish red accents.


Our thoughtful ideas for ironing made us the UK’s No.1 for irons. We then took our much-loved, innovative irons to Europe.


Knowing what mattered in the morning, we created our Easy Breakfast Collection, with innovations that were more consumer-led than ever before.


To showcase 60 years of British ingenuity and iconic style, we created the Legacy Collection.


We launched the K65 Anniversary Kettle, marking 65 years since our first automatic kettle changed the way the world boiled water.

Creating thoughtful ideas that help you do what matters to you. Because we get life.